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More Innovative, Because We Listen

Not all innovations come from our R&D department; many start with customers. Our dedicated account managers stay in close touch with their customers to identify "pain points" with their building control systems, then collaborate with those customers to bring improvements to life.

Faster Answers, Greater Savings

Other companies might take months to implement a solution. NexRev can implement innovative ideas quickly. Having an entire department staffed by engineers devoted to R&D enables us to move from concept to product rollout in the shortest time possible.

Engineered and Tested for the Real World

We don't outsource product development. Our staff engineers spend every day developing ways to improve energy savings, ease of maintenance, and the overall reliability of your system. Real-world conditions, not modeling through design software; we built a fully functioning retail store inside our headquarters. When we install hardware or deploy software, it has been proved under actual operating conditions. When you buy a NexRev EMS, you don't have to adapt it to your needs. Our engineers will adapt it for you, customizing the software for the way you will deploy and use it day to day.