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Why NexRev?
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Over 20 years of experience providing high-quality technical deployment for national accounts customers.

We invest heavily in the training of our staff. Our cross-training efforts, combined with our frequent use of "mixed crews" results in field technicians who have knowledge about the entire system, not just their primary area of expertise.

This knowledge adds value to our customers, since we can often identify and help correct issues that would otherwise get bottled up in finger-pointing and not solving the problem. Our customers tell us that we have their complete trust when we are on their roof or in their electrical room. We have earned that trust by always doing the right thing for them.

Self-performing - using our own employees - sets us apart and provides consistency that national accounts appreciate.

It is very important that the customer gets a result that meets or exceeds their expectations. When a product or program is selected, especially when dealing with a manufacturer, the installation and deployment can sometimes be overlooked. Most manufacturers don't have the capability directly in-house to do that portion of the work.

Multiple subcontractors, managed by the manufacturer or some third party are often the method used. Perhaps you've experienced difficulties and project failures resulting from lots of different individual contractors - all of whom were "low bidder" - being the ones installing in your stores. With NexRev you get the consistently high quality that you paid for.