NexRev products are unique. Developed specifically to serve the needs of the owners and operators of national and regional portfolios such as retail stores, entertainment venues, data centers, communications infrastructure facilities and dining establishments. You asked. NexRev delivered.

Proactive Portfolio Management

NexRev's energy management and HVAC expertise can free you from daily operating details and issues. Trusted experts to retail and multisite facilities for over twenty years, we are proud to offer our Proactive Portfolio Management system.

Freedom Energy Management

Our Freedom EMS was truly created at the request of our customers. The national multisite market has a unique combination of needs. Freedom is an open, robust networkable solution that is built specifically to maximize the control and monitoring of the HVAC and lighting systems found in national retail without "locking you in" to proprietary parts or services.

DrivePak HVAC Energy Efficiency Upgrade

DrivePak is an upgrade which increases the energy efficiency of the standard rooftop air conditioning units found on nearly all retail, entertainment, casual dining and grocery facilities. Old units can be given new life by economically converting them to the newest load-matching blower fan technology.

DrivePak was developed to address the overwhelming task many of our customers face: finding a way to significantly reduce the energy usage of their existing facility portfolio. Like some lighting projects, DrivePak provides savings that are predictable and often guaranteed. Unlike most HVAC or EMS projects, it makes the customer environment MORE comfortable, not less.

NEW! DrivePak technology can now be applied to buildings with chilled water systems and associated energy-consuming equipment such as air-handling unit supply and return fans, exhaust fans, chilled and hot water pumps, and more.

NexRev offers multiple services across the nation for our customers, deploying our crews, no sub-contractors.