RTU Replacement
Test & Balance
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Power Monitoring


Maintaining a comfortable environment for your customers is vital to your success. Balancing that comfort with your energy consumption (and cost) is equally important. The heating and air conditioning equipment for your facility represent a significant capital investment. If the equipment is not performing as designed, inefficient operation is likely the result.

Returning the system to its design operating conditions can save money month after month. Likewise, anything you can do to extend its working life will reduce your replacement costs over time.

NexRev can perform a certified equipment operational check (EOC) on your primary mechanical equipment. This includes testing the heating and cooling operation and performance, fan speed and air volume performance, and verifying refrigerant and gas pressures.

Economizer and CO2 Demand Ventilation

Both of these features are designed to reduce HVAC energy costs. If one or both are improperly set up, you could be spending more instead of less. Many of our customers take the opportunity to have us verify this operation while onsite doing other work at a small incremental cost. The benefits from finding problems and repairing them at this time can be significant for the building owner.


The proper scheduling and zoning of lighting inside and outside a retail facility are important to the energy footprint and steps are usually taken to implement when a store is built. However, with remodels and updates the zoning can change and circuits can be added to other loads inappropriately. Almost all systems provide a means to override the scheduled operation when needed. Unless the status of that load is monitored, you can end up with lighting loads present when there shouldn't be. A lighting survey which can catch these and correct them is easily done be our technicians when onsite.