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Providing high-quality technical deployment for national accounts customers formed the core of our business for over 20 years.

Self-performing - using only our own employees and NO subcontractors - sets us apart and provides consistency that national accounts appreciate.

National Account and multisite building owners rely on NexRev for complete new EMS installations as well as retrofit EMS system rollouts in existing facilities. If you're looking to make additions or enhancements to existing systems - such as the addition of CO2 monitoring and control - we can make sure the work is done quickly and efficiently.

High volume, fast-turn rollout projects are "what we live for". Difficult and troublesome for many contractors, NexRev has both the capability and the capacity. We self perform - no subcontractors.

National accounts often go through an extensive selection process with EMS manufacturers, using their buying power to secure the best value for the desired features by buying direct from the manufacturer.

Sometimes overlooked in that process are the details on exactly how the installation of that system will be done across the entire store portfolio. Perhaps you've experienced difficulties and project failures resulting from lots of different individual contractors - all of whom were "low bidder" - being the ones installing in your stores.

We invest heavily in the training of our staff, and are committed to expanding that training to accommodate the "system of choice" of our national accounts customers as needed. Our lead technicians are equipped with laptop computers and are trained to make use of the system software for startup and commissioning of the control system.

NexRev has over twenty years of experience installing and commissioning direct digital control and energy management systems, and have the flexibility to install practically any system.