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Freedom Energy Management
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Energy Management Systems That Don't Lock You In

NexRev's innovative Freedom Energy Management System family of products have reduced energy consumption and improved retail facility performance across the nation.

Developed for Multi-Site Companies with Small to Large Box Facilities
The Freedom EMS is not just cost-effective and rich in features. It is built on the industry-standard Niagara platform, and provides NexRev customers with a truly open, non-proprietary system.

Freedom Advantages...
  • Pay no licensing fees
  • Common-sense software with enterprise control and reporting across all Freedom platforms
  • Product and support resources are 100% in-house
  • Deployments are self-performed with NexRev employed, trained and certified technicians.
  • Provide unique control features for Lennox units

Freedom was developed to meet the unique needs of multi-site retailers, convenience stores, quick-service restaurants, casual dining companies, and entertainment venues.

How Freedom Delivers...

NexRev protects the facility and minimizes spend with our unique method of connection to Lennox units. Freedom's communication to the unit allows for access and control of the very important ECTO parameters within the unit factory controls.

Freedom advantages provided by this unique feature include the ability to:

  • Change the System Mode of the Rooftop Unit
  • Log Error Codes along with associated Dates and Times they occur
  • Remotely Reset Alarms as appropriate
  • Adjust or customize settings for staging of cooling and heating
  • Adjust or customize settings for economizer control (free cooling)
  • Adjust or customize settings for CO2 Demand Ventilation Control (DCV)
  • Standardize ECTO settings across all Lennox units

The combination of all these features are not available through other means of communication such as BACnet, Lennox NCP, or other control manufacturer systems. A physical site visit would be required to accomplish most the above without Freedom.

The Freedom line of EMS solutions is designed to meet various applications and needs of customers, as indicated below.

Additional Freedom Features...

  • Monitor & Control sites from any computer using a Web browser
  • User Interface is customizable to individual preferences
  • Software upgrades are provided for no cost
  • Manage sites with exception reporting on actionable items in real-time
  • Customizable bulk controls, alarms, and energy data
  • Determine system wide issues with aggregated analytical data
  • Quickly adjust one, a group, or all of your sites with global setpoints and operating schedules
  • Clear overrides with a single click or with a schedule