Proactive Portfolio Management

Portfolio Solution for “Doing More with Less”

NexRev's energy management and HVAC expertise can free you from daily operating details and issues. Trusted experts to retail and multisite facilities for over twenty five years, we are proud to offer our Proactive Portfolio Management system.

What is Proactive Portfolio Management?

Proactive Portfolio Management (PPM) is designed for clients with multisite facilities who are searching for efficiency in managing building and energy management performance. As an extension of your business, NexRev utilizes real-time data and analytics to proactively address problems before they occur and troubleshoot and resolve equipment problems immediately.

Our command center is fully adaptable to all building and energy management systems, and our teams are trained to execute your operational protocols. We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you avoid costly business disruptions.

Proactive Portfolio Management Delivers...

  • Improved Comfort
  • Fast Response Times
  • Energy and Asset Performance Reporting
  • A Streamlined Process to Manage and Resolve All Facility Needs

How It Works..

Our facility command center operates 24 hours a day analyzing your facility performance and providing technical support to assist your local personnel. We work around the clock to proactively identify opportunities for you to increase operating efficiencies. PPM does not require any additional installation of hardware, software, or building and energy management system – it is entirely technology agnostic. Your local teams have continual access to NexRev and our team of experienced professional to meet the needs of your customers.

Performance Evaluation and Reporting

  • Benchmark Energy Performance
    • Portfolio Level
    • Facility Level
    • Asset Level
    • Energy and Demand
  • Monthly Reporting
    • Alarms, Status
    • Call log, Status
    • Equipment Issues
    • Maintenance actions