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RTU Replacement
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National accounts have trusted NexRev for over 20 years to execute rollouts for
Energy Management and HVAC Upgrades. NexRev now delivers another rollout...

Rooftop Unit Replacements

NexRev simplifies the task of planned rooftop unit replacements across a large national portfolio


Free yourself from headaches associated with this complicated task by utilizing NexRev’s RTU Replacement program.

NexRev’s program is designed for:

  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Theater complexes
  • Commercial
  • Industrial facilities

Facilities where NexRev earned its reputation as a trusted partner for over two decades.

NexRev has it Covered...

NexRev's RTU Replacement Program sets a high standard for single point responsibility RTU roof sweeps. NexRev performs the necessary scope of work, such as:

  • Project management, coordination with unit manufacturer
  • Disconnect and reconnect of RTU utilities
  • Perform electrical, plumbing, structural, roofing
  • Set new units, rigging, crane or helicopter as required
  • Install adapter curbs, re-size or new roof penetrations
  • Start-up new units, confirm proper operation
  • Sustainably remove and recycle old units, oil, refrigerants

Why NexRev?

NexRev builds hardware, writes software, has energy systems engineers, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers. NexRev has its own in-house HVAC equipment engineering and testing facilities, energy laboratory with full scale system testing, and Network Operating Center for multi-site facilities proactive management and support. With over 20 years of national multisite experience and over 50,000 energy system deployments across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, no one is more qualified to be your facility management resource.

More NexRev Deliverables...

  • Equipment Programming, Setup, & Operational Check - Most unit manufacturers include factory startup in their proposals. NexRev's directly employed field technicians deliver this scope, reducing costs while providing independent 3rd party commissioning
  • Checkout of EMS System unit control - NexRev provides this with the same crew while on-site, at minimal costs and eliminating delays waiting for or coordinating with an EMS contractor
  • Diagnose & Solve Unexpected Problems - Many times a roof sweep will create EMS issues such as communication failures, failed sensors, etc. NexRev crews already on-site have the capability to efficiently identify and execute solutions to these and other unexpected challenges
  • Check Unit VFD Settings – NexRev’s proven methods maximize energy efficient operation of units with VFDs, while maintaining safe and proper operating parameters. For units needing VFDs, NexRev’s DrivePak has saved clients over $150 million in energy expense to date.
  • Utility Rebates - NexRev's utility management group will research and process applicable rebates to further reduce the investment in the project.

NexRev has extensive experience with EMS systems utilized by national accounts. Our crews will connect your existing EMS to the new units and verify proper operation - eliminating the need and cost for another EMS visit to the site. But there is more...

  • NexRev's directly employed technicians have expertise spanning electrical, mechanical, controls, energy management, commissioning, and test & balancing.
  • NexRev's methods reduce delays and deliver quicker completion times to get site back to full performance
  • These capabilities ensure higher quality results and lower costs for your rooftop unit replacements.

Established in 1994, NexRev provides energy and operational cost reduction, as well as IoT, down to facility level integration for various market sectors. Our hundreds of customer relationships include retailers, restaurants, convenience stores, and entertainment companies.