Systems Integration

RTU Replacement
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Systems Integration
Power Monitoring

National Account and multisite building owners need an expert integrator that knows their facilities and who has expertise in areas that are important to them.

HVAC Systems

New equipment equipped with BACnet or LonWorks (leading open communication standards) can reside on the same system with older equipment manufacturer's proprietary controls.

Existing proprietary EMS systems can be integrated with newer open systems. This can provide a path for the customer to move up to new technology at their own pace, while protecting the investment in their existing system.

Utility Demand Response Programs

Take full advantage of the web-based systems used by utilities and participate in demand response programs to reduce energy costs.

Electrical Metering and Sub-metering

Communicating meters - such as those that speak ModBus - or those that provide an output signal that is brought directly into a controller.

Lighting Control

Like meters, some advanced lighting panels utilize ModBus. Others use different protocols or can be programmed to operate from multiple signals from the EMS system. These can be combined with standard relays and contactors for a complete lighting control system operated as a single system.

Occupancy Sensing

From "people counter" devices to software interfaces to theatre ticketing systems, knowledge about the occupancy level can be used to schedule and optimize HVAC and lighting system operation.

NexRev has direct experience in national retail and
entertainment facilities with all of these and more.