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NexRev's innovative DrivePak family of products has reduced energy consumption and improved HVAC equipment performance in over 40,000 installations across the nation.

One of the successful DrivePak HVAC retrofit upgrades, DrivePak PC (Pressure Control) manages makeup air flow and pressure challenges presented by large exhaust air volumes.

DrivePak PC provides customizable options to address outside air intake for exhaust makeup air needs to accommodate related pressure requirements, while still reducing unit energy spend.

  • More energy efficient HVAC operation
  • Increased de-humidification performance
  • Air flow management and control
  • Improved comfort for customers and employees

NexRev provides a complete turnkey solution for the comfort challenges presented by your dining and kitchen HVAC systems, utilizing our own in-house resources to deliver:

  • Installation Deployment
  • Certified Test & Balance
  • HVAC Design & Engineering
  • Program Management