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DrivePak has three key components:

  • A VFD of appropriate horsepower and amperage
  • A control interface board
  • Custom engineered setup

Equipment is installed inside the fan section of the HVAC unit, protected from the elements. The control unit intercepts the heating and cooling commands sent by the energy management system or thermostat and reduces the unit's blower fan speed to meet the actual load required to condition the space. To optimize performance, settings are determined by the conditions that exist for each individual unit.

NexRev's technicians, using testing and balancing procedures, check the overall performance of the unit including heating and cooling performance, belt tension and pulley alignment, blower motor amperage draw, coil and filter cleanliness, and compressor refrigerant charge. They then take airflow readings and determine the proper load-matching airflows and fan speeds to be used.

A final closeout report is provided which includes detailed documentation of each unit and the work performed.