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Our national account customers who have adopted DrivePak consider it a "no-brainer" that delivers instant energy reduction for their HVAC systems in the same way that lighting retrofits have done so successfully. It truly is math and physics - using the Fan Affinity Laws.

What sets DrivePak apart from other suppliers?

Custom Engineered Application
Directed by on-staff registered professional engineers, our technical audit teams perform in-depth surveys of your facilities followed by a customized DrivePak program specially engineered to optimize the part-load operation of your facilities. This includes converting constant volume chilled water and DX air handling units to variable air flow, as well as leveraging variable chilled water flow capabilities on your now constant-flow primary chilled water plant.

Tailored Programs that Meet Corporate Objectives
NexRev also utilizes our combined engineering and financial expertise to deliver a business case which best fits your budgeting and cash flow needs. Whether it is insuring the savings of your investment or leveraging energy savings to fund the project, NexRev is your source for a complete turnkey solution in operating expense reduction.

Quality, Consistency and Accountability
Proper set up of drive speeds is the only way to ensure total energy savings. That's too important to entrust to just anyone. NexRev doesn't use subcontractors; we directly employ all our technicians and invest heavily in their training.

Rapid Response
NexRev provides customized tracking and deployment to rush technical assistance to your facilities anywhere in the nation, if required.