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Thank you for your interest in NexRev’s DrivePak HVAC Efficiency Upgrade. Let us show you how our Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) retrofit can improve energy efficiency and reduce overall operating costs. DrivePak is a simple, straightforward efficiency strategy that delivers across-the-board benefits including:

  • Fan energy reduction of up to 78%
  • Total unit energy reduction of 25%-50%
  • Extended equipment life; less wear and tear
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Improved building power factor

A solution adopted by many of the nation's top retail, entertainment, casual dining and grocery facilities, DrivePak is considered a fundamental component of our customers’ energy reduction and efficiency improvement plans. Discover how DrivePak can be applied to a broad range of HVAC applications including packaged rooftop units, chillers, cooling towers, pumps and air handling units.

A quick call with one of our experts to answer a few questions will determine to what degree NexRev’s DrivePak Efficiency Upgrade solutions might help your organization save energy and improve overall efficiency. There is no obligation whatsoever.

Click on the e-mail link and provide your name, company, and contact info and we will arrange a call at your convenience. Feel free to include any comments or questions.

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